I have served on the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure since coming to Congress. Early in the 108th I served as the Ranking Democrat on the Transportation Subcommittee on Railroad. This subcommittee is very important to Florida and the Third District because of its jurisdiction over the passenger and freight rail industry, which plays a vital role in Florida’s economy.

I have been critical in the fight to get Florida its share of transportation money. For years, Florida has been a donor state to the Highway Trust Fund and the Airport Improvement Program. I was a leader in the fight to change transportation funding through an initiative called "Tea-21," which returns more transportation money to populous states like Florida and Texas. As a result, Florida now receives a 57% increase in transportation funding. I am also a member of the Subcommittee on Aviation and successfully lobbied to change the language in the Airport Improvement Program so that Florida's airports receive more funding from the FAA.

I am currently serving on the House and Senate Conference reauthorizing six years of transportation programs and funding. Included in the bill is approximately $11 Billion for Florida and hundreds of millions for North and Central Florida.

As the top Democrat on the Railroad Subcommittee, I have introduced Rail Security legislation that will assess the current state of the nations rail infrastructure and provide funding for security upgrades and training for both freight and passenger rail. Including Amtrak which travels to Florida on a daily basis.

I named postal facilities in Jacksonville and Orlando after Essie Mae Stewart and Pappy Kennedy. Two Community and Civil Rights Leaders. I also teamed with Jacksonville Congressman Ander Crenshaw in introducing legislation that would name the new federal courthouse in Jacksonville after Judge Bryan Simpson.